French In Sheffield

So you want to learn French?

I think I can help. I am French and have been teaching French to businessmen and women, housewives and students for the last five years. Whoever you are and whether you want to learn French for professional reasons or you just want to make your visits to France more pleasurable, I can tailor your tuition to suit your goals, your level and your requirements.

I also teach French to children. As a mother of a young boy, I know that children won't be satisfied by some dull grammar book. I use lots of songs and games so that they can have fun and learn at the same time.

Do you want to live in France, or develop your business in France? As well as offering specialist tuition relating to your particular business, I also offer other services like translation from English to French, proofreading, or even help with paperwork and administrative documents.

Have a look at the services I offer and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


  • The lessons are relaxed and a great opportunity for me to practise French.


  • Conversation lessons with Lise are an enjoyable way to practise speaking and listening to French.


  • Lise is a great teacher: she makes our lessons fun and tailors them to what we want to achieve.

    Oskar & Rachael

  • Because Lise is a native french speaker, she helps a lot with my accent and with my understanding of French culture.


  • Just to say thanks again for the lessons - it has made me much more confident.


  • I learnt a lot not only about the French language but also about the French culture.


  • French In Sheffield on Hallam FM.


  • Lise has a great sense of humour which puts me at ease and makes learning so much easier and I can laugh about all the mistakes I make! In the space of just 10 months I have already learnt so much.


  • I would like to strongly recommend “French in Sheffield” for those ones that for work or just pleasure like to learn French.

    Francisco Mateo

  • We all feel like we are really progressing and can’t wait to try out our new skills when we next go to France.